This tour will leave your kids speechless

It’s quite hard to get a real impression of Venice before visiting it, especially if you want to visit it with kids!

We want to help you, giving a short list about what you can really expect from Venice when you visit it with your family!

  1. Kids love the idea of a city floating in water… and this is what they will get! The magic of this city is real, and they will feel it from the beginning until the last second of their trip.
  2. It’s grey and decadent. Venice has the charm of a decadent city, but is also colourful and cheerful!
  3. “It’s crowed, so we will have problems with traffic jam”… not at all! Sometimes it’s quite difficult to walk fast because of the crowd, but there are no gridlock. Consequently, you and your beloved can stay our drinking a glass on wine while your kids play safely in the middle of the streets or in the squares.
  4. A big mistake: do not take a water taxi or a gondola ride. Ok, it’s not cheap, but is a perfect relaxed way to see Venice, especially with children: they will love to go inside narrow canals, passing under the bridges!
  5. Searching for home made toys in Venice. There are some workshop specialised in creating beautiful wooden kink knacks, as for example spinning tops.