Everybody knows that Venice is an unusual city, but have you ever wonder about how is to live here as a child? It’s awesome, and here below you will discover all the reasons why.

  • There are no cars: in Venice we have no motorcycle, cycles or cars in our streets, so children can play safely in the campo (square) or in largest calli (streets), as children used to in the past everywhere in the world.
  • Boat rides: to go around, children that lives in the islands have to take the vaporetto (water bus) to join friends or to go to school.
  • Gondola ride: yes, is not just in the movie. Venetian actually use gondolas as means of transportation, but just for shorts rides, as for example join the other part of the canal.
  • Scooter: is the new kids trend in the city. Walking in Venice can be quite fatiguing, so Venetian parents found the perfect solution, ideal also for bridges!