The “salame al cioccolato” (literally, the chocolate salami) is one of the most famous Italian desserts. It is super yummy and really easy to make, also by kids!

You only need chocolate (200g), biscuits (300g), 2 eggs, sugar (100g) and butter (150g). To create it, you just have to follow the steps here below:

  • crumble the biscuits in a large bowl, then melt the chocolate in a double boiler and knead it with a wooden spoon, until it becomes creamy and without lumps. Let it cool.
  • When the butter is soft enough, knead it to the cream with a spatula, adding sugar, eggs and the melted chocolate.
  • Put everything in the biscuits bowl, put the dough into a sheet of baking paper and then roll it!
  • Then wrap the chocolate salami in an aluminum foil and place in the refrigerator, at least for two or three hours.

And now cut it in slices and taste it!


The push scooter, or how it’s named nowadays, the “gondola of the Venetian streets”, is now the most common mean of transportation in Venice, especially for kids!

But why Venetian are so crazy about it? Here below the awesome reasons:

  • it’s practical;
  • quite fast, but parents are still able to follow their children;
  • it’s light, so easy to handle also by kids;
  • it can be use mostly everywhere (but of course, not on bridges);
  • with it, boys and girls can have fun without losing too much energy.

And the most important of all: children love it!


Everybody knows that Venice is an unusual city, but have you ever wonder about how is to live here as a child? It’s awesome, and here below you will discover all the reasons why.

  • There are no cars: in Venice we have no motorcycle, cycles or cars in our streets, so children can play safely in the campo (square) or in largest calli (streets), as children used to in the past everywhere in the world.
  • Boat rides: to go around, children that lives in the islands have to take the vaporetto (water bus) to join friends or to go to school.
  • Gondola ride: yes, is not just in the movie. Venetian actually use gondolas as means of transportation, but just for shorts rides, as for example join the other part of the canal.
  • Scooter: is the new kids trend in the city. Walking in Venice can be quite fatiguing, so Venetian parents found the perfect solution, ideal also for bridges!
Cooking delicious recipes

During our junior cooking class, kids and parents love to prepare delicious and traditional Venetian Fried Creams! If you want to try do it at home, here below you can find the recipe!

It’s a very simple dessert, and you can cook it also with your children for all the family (in this case, the recipe is for 6 people).

With olive oil, grease a baking sheet on a work surface.

In a little pot, heat one and half cups of milk warm, without making bubbling.

In another small cooker, put over low heat 4 eggs yolks, 3-4 cups of sugar, and one tablespoon of vanilla extract, and mix all together.

Then you have just to add two cups of flour, the warm milk that you have just cooked, and half a lemon, zested.

When it will became an homogenous cream, spread it using a spatula to form one layer of 3 cm thick on the baking sheet that you have prepared before. Put it in the fridge for minimum 2 hours.

After two hours, you can cut and divide with a knife the layer of cream into several different squares, in order to put them into a pot filled with extra virgin olive oil. While the oil gets warm, dredge with attention the creams through a little bit of flour, egg white and then through a little bit of bread crumbs. For the next step, just put the creams into the pot until they become golden brown.

At this point, you have to take the Venetian creams with a spoon and serve to your friends or family!

We will assure that they will love it!

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As you probably know, one of the most strange characteristic of Venice is that in the city is not allowed to enter with cars or motorcycles; if this particularity may be difficult to accept for who is accustomed to the comfort of these vehicles, on the other side this allowed children to play with all safety on the streets (calli, in Venetian) and squares (campi)!


The typical games that you will see played by Venetian kids walking through Venice are truly unique and funny, and the most common are the following:


  • Strega acchiappa color: the witch (strega, in Italian) is the one that at the beginning of the game has to choose a colour. When he or she will say it loud, the other kids have to run to touch any object that has that colour. The one that cannot touch the colour and is touched by the witch will loose the game.
  • 1, 2, 3… stella: a kid have to close his eyes counting until three near a wall, to scream at the end “Star” (stella, in Italian). In the meanwhile, when the kid has his eyes closed, the other children have to run near the wall to touch it to free themselves, but if the first kid saw someone moving, they are out of the game.
  • Campanon: if your kids like to jump, this is the perfect game for them! It’s a simple game where you have to to draw on the floor a rectangular with small squares inside: then kids have to jump with just one leg in the rectangular until they will arrive on the other side!


And now tell us what will be your favourite traditional Venetian game!



Venice may seem difficult to visit with kids, but there is nothing as false as this!

Our island located in the middle of the lagoon is the ideal place for kids, because every inch of this magic city is thought to be like a labyrinth, tanks to its calli, fondamente and campi! Kids of every age can play any game that they like in the open air, having the best time ever, jumping through bridges or hiding behind stunning palaces. The configuration of the city is also perfect for walks with kids in all safety, thanks to the absence of cars and others vehicles.

In addition, during summer children can also go to Lido, to stay at the sea to enjoy baths, splashing, sand castles and the warm of the sun!

But if you want to discover the activities to fell like a real Venetian, exploring all the secrets of Venice, you have to came with us doing our fabulous tours! We can organise to your kids bespoke and unique experiences, as solving real ancient enigmas while walking around the city, making fabulous masks or glass mosaics, exploring the lagoon or tasting delicious Venetian food during a cooking class… and lots more!

So, what are you waiting for?