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As you probably know, one of the most strange characteristic of Venice is that in the city is not allowed to enter with cars or motorcycles; if this particularity may be difficult to accept for who is accustomed to the comfort of these vehicles, on the other side this allowed children to play with all safety on the streets (calli, in Venetian) and squares (campi)!


The typical games that you will see played by Venetian kids walking through Venice are truly unique and funny, and the most common are the following:


  • Strega acchiappa color: the witch (strega, in Italian) is the one that at the beginning of the game has to choose a colour. When he or she will say it loud, the other kids have to run to touch any object that has that colour. The one that cannot touch the colour and is touched by the witch will loose the game.
  • 1, 2, 3… stella: a kid have to close his eyes counting until three near a wall, to scream at the end “Star” (stella, in Italian). In the meanwhile, when the kid has his eyes closed, the other children have to run near the wall to touch it to free themselves, but if the first kid saw someone moving, they are out of the game.
  • Campanon: if your kids like to jump, this is the perfect game for them! It’s a simple game where you have to to draw on the floor a rectangular with small squares inside: then kids have to jump with just one leg in the rectangular until they will arrive on the other side!


And now tell us what will be your favourite traditional Venetian game!