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If you want to start travelling with your kids, you have to think about how to survive with them in a small space full of strangers!

Especially if you will choose to reach Venice by aeroplane, you will need to think about the best way to entertain your young attenders. It’s really easy for children of 10 years old or less, to get bored. Here below you will find some real simple advices to transform your travelling in an oasis of peace, for you and all the people around you!

  1. travel pillow: the newest models can really be adapted to any situation and sits, to guarantee a good quality sleep in any occasions and situations.
  2. Ipad: you are allowed to use Ipads also during the flight, so your children can have fun playing some virtual games that don’t need internet connection to work.
  3. Novels, pencils, colouring books… the most traditional tools for entertainment are usually the most efficient ones!
  4. And do not forget to bring… a sick bag! Unfortunately, they aren’t always in the back of the seats, and children are more sensible to turbulence than adults.

If you have kids and you love travelling, it can be difficult to find the ideal place where they can have fun too. Especially in a crowed and touristic city such as Venice!

But here comes our precious tip: Saint Helene gardens, or in Italian, i giardini di Sant’Elena.

In the Castello district, at just 15 minutes walking from Saint Mark’s Square, you will find an oasis of peace & quiet, a green area full of equipments for kids! 

Here you will find picnic spots, sports facilities and two different playgrounds where your kids can have fun, making friends with local children!

In addition to this, the uniqueness of this island is the green environment and the breathtaking view over the lagoon: an unforgettable experience for the whole family!



Venice may seem difficult to visit with kids, but there is nothing as false as this!

Our island located in the middle of the lagoon is the ideal place for kids, because every inch of this magic city is thought to be like a labyrinth, tanks to its calli, fondamente and campi! Kids of every age can play any game that they like in the open air, having the best time ever, jumping through bridges or hiding behind stunning palaces. The configuration of the city is also perfect for walks with kids in all safety, thanks to the absence of cars and others vehicles.

In addition, during summer children can also go to Lido, to stay at the sea to enjoy baths, splashing, sand castles and the warm of the sun!

But if you want to discover the activities to fell like a real Venetian, exploring all the secrets of Venice, you have to came with us doing our fabulous tours! We can organise to your kids bespoke and unique experiences, as solving real ancient enigmas while walking around the city, making fabulous masks or glass mosaics, exploring the lagoon or tasting delicious Venetian food during a cooking class… and lots more!

So, what are you waiting for?