Mother and son in a Venetian kitchen making cookies.

One of the best things about holidays is that you finally have time to concentrate on the things you love most: cooking, sports, travelling… and your family!

If you have children, you will know for sure that is really difficult to find some activities where you and your kids can have fun at the same time, but cooking is one of these.

So here we are to help you giving some inspirations that allow you to cook also with the help of your little chefs!

Savoury Tart: with cheese, vegetables, ham or… whatever you have in mind! Preparing the puff pastry is really easy and your kids will love to play and cook with it!

Chocolate Salami & fried creams: we simply love them: simple, fast and super yummy! On our blog you can find the recipes to prepare with all the family!

Smile Risotto: if you have kids that are too young to prepare food, they can just decorated it! You can prepare a risotto, and then give a strange and funny shape, as the face of a puppy!