As you know for sure, Venice is a unique city, and growing here is a total different experience, if compared to all the others cities in the world!

If one day you will want to raise you kids in Venice, or just taste it with the eyes of a Venetian kid, you have to try different experiences. So here we are with a list of the things that you have to expect growing up in Venice!

  1. Playing in the open air, especially in the campi (small squares) with your friends;
  2. During summer, going to Lido to take a bath in the Mediterranean sea;
  3. Learn how to do voga (taking Venetian Rowing Lesson);
  4. Eating delicious desserts, as biscuits (for example, Buranei) and sweet bread with raisins;
  5. Going to school with a gondola or a vaporetto (ships for public transportation).