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Delicious Venetian Fried Creams!

During our junior cooking class, kids and parents love to prepare delicious and traditional Venetian Fried Creams! If you want to try do it at home, here below you can find the recipe!

It’s a very simple dessert, and you can cook it also with your children for all the family (in this case, the recipe is for 6 people).

With olive oil, grease a baking sheet on a work surface.

In a little pot, heat one and half cups of milk warm, without making bubbling.

In another small cooker, put over low heat 4 eggs yolks, 3-4 cups of sugar, and one tablespoon of vanilla extract, and mix all together.

Then you have just to add two cups of flour, the warm milk that you have just cooked, and half a lemon, zested.

When it will became an homogenous cream, spread it using a spatula to form one layer of 3 cm thick on the baking sheet that you have prepared before. Put it in the fridge for minimum 2 hours.

After two hours, you can cut and divide with a knife the layer of cream into several different squares, in order to put them into a pot filled with extra virgin olive oil. While the oil gets warm, dredge with attention the creams through a little bit of flour, egg white and then through a little bit of bread crumbs. For the next step, just put the creams into the pot until they become golden brown.

At this point, you have to take the Venetian creams with a spoon and serve to your friends or family!

We will assure that they will love it!