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If you want to start travelling with your kids, you have to think about how to survive with them in a small space full of strangers!

Especially if you will choose to reach Venice by aeroplane, you will need to think about the best way to entertain your young attenders. It’s really easy for children of 10 years old or less, to get bored. Here below you will find some real simple advices to transform your travelling in an oasis of peace, for you and all the people around you!

  1. travel pillow: the newest models can really be adapted to any situation and sits, to guarantee a good quality sleep in any occasions and situations.
  2. Ipad: you are allowed to use Ipads also during the flight, so your children can have fun playing some virtual games that don’t need internet connection to work.
  3. Novels, pencils, colouring books… the most traditional tools for entertainment are usually the most efficient ones!
  4. And do not forget to bring… a sick bag! Unfortunately, they aren’t always in the back of the seats, and children are more sensible to turbulence than adults.
Mother and son in a Venetian kitchen making cookies.

One of the best things about holidays is that you finally have time to concentrate on the things you love most: cooking, sports, travelling… and your family!

If you have children, you will know for sure that is really difficult to find some activities where you and your kids can have fun at the same time, but cooking is one of these.

So here we are to help you giving some inspirations that allow you to cook also with the help of your little chefs!

Savoury Tart: with cheese, vegetables, ham or… whatever you have in mind! Preparing the puff pastry is really easy and your kids will love to play and cook with it!

Chocolate Salami & fried creams: we simply love them: simple, fast and super yummy! On our blog you can find the recipes to prepare with all the family!

Smile Risotto: if you have kids that are too young to prepare food, they can just decorated it! You can prepare a risotto, and then give a strange and funny shape, as the face of a puppy!

This tour will leave your kids speechless

It’s quite hard to get a real impression of Venice before visiting it, especially if you want to visit it with kids!

We want to help you, giving a short list about what you can really expect from Venice when you visit it with your family!

  1. Kids love the idea of a city floating in water… and this is what they will get! The magic of this city is real, and they will feel it from the beginning until the last second of their trip.
  2. It’s grey and decadent. Venice has the charm of a decadent city, but is also colourful and cheerful!
  3. “It’s crowed, so we will have problems with traffic jam”… not at all! Sometimes it’s quite difficult to walk fast because of the crowd, but there are no gridlock. Consequently, you and your beloved can stay our drinking a glass on wine while your kids play safely in the middle of the streets or in the squares.
  4. A big mistake: do not take a water taxi or a gondola ride. Ok, it’s not cheap, but is a perfect relaxed way to see Venice, especially with children: they will love to go inside narrow canals, passing under the bridges!
  5. Searching for home made toys in Venice. There are some workshop specialised in creating beautiful wooden kink knacks, as for example spinning tops.

We are so lucky to have at just few minutes from our office the best Venetian ice cream!

Nico’s is a traditional ice cream parlour located in the Dorsoduro district, just in front of the Giudecca island. Sitting outside in the private terrace of the bar, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the lagoon, that reveals itself in all its splendour at sunset.

The magic of this place is not just its breathtaking view, but its mostly Nico’s delicious ice creams! The standard flavours are enriched with the unrivalled Gianduiotto: a particular chocolate flavour with a shade of hazelnut. Children love it! In effect, at Nico’s it is possibly to choose also the real Gianduiotto experience: a great piece of chocolate ice cream immersed in a mountain of soft exquisite traditional whipped cream!


Immagini Home DUCALE BIS

In Venice a lot of museums organise activities for family and kids, to give the change to learn about the great Venetian art collections, while children have so much fun!

In fact, inside Venetian museums is possible to partecipate or to plan treasure hunts, drawing lessons or little games where all the family can partecipate actively.

In this way, visit a museum is never boring!


If you have kids and you love travelling, it can be difficult to find the ideal place where they can have fun too. Especially in a crowed and touristic city such as Venice!

But here comes our precious tip: Saint Helene gardens, or in Italian, i giardini di Sant’Elena.

In the Castello district, at just 15 minutes walking from Saint Mark’s Square, you will find an oasis of peace & quiet, a green area full of equipments for kids! 

Here you will find picnic spots, sports facilities and two different playgrounds where your kids can have fun, making friends with local children!

In addition to this, the uniqueness of this island is the green environment and the breathtaking view over the lagoon: an unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Cooking delicious recipes

During our junior cooking class, kids and parents love to prepare delicious and traditional Venetian Fried Creams! If you want to try do it at home, here below you can find the recipe!

It’s a very simple dessert, and you can cook it also with your children for all the family (in this case, the recipe is for 6 people).

With olive oil, grease a baking sheet on a work surface.

In a little pot, heat one and half cups of milk warm, without making bubbling.

In another small cooker, put over low heat 4 eggs yolks, 3-4 cups of sugar, and one tablespoon of vanilla extract, and mix all together.

Then you have just to add two cups of flour, the warm milk that you have just cooked, and half a lemon, zested.

When it will became an homogenous cream, spread it using a spatula to form one layer of 3 cm thick on the baking sheet that you have prepared before. Put it in the fridge for minimum 2 hours.

After two hours, you can cut and divide with a knife the layer of cream into several different squares, in order to put them into a pot filled with extra virgin olive oil. While the oil gets warm, dredge with attention the creams through a little bit of flour, egg white and then through a little bit of bread crumbs. For the next step, just put the creams into the pot until they become golden brown.

At this point, you have to take the Venetian creams with a spoon and serve to your friends or family!

We will assure that they will love it!

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As you probably know, one of the most strange characteristic of Venice is that in the city is not allowed to enter with cars or motorcycles; if this particularity may be difficult to accept for who is accustomed to the comfort of these vehicles, on the other side this allowed children to play with all safety on the streets (calli, in Venetian) and squares (campi)!


The typical games that you will see played by Venetian kids walking through Venice are truly unique and funny, and the most common are the following:


  • Strega acchiappa color: the witch (strega, in Italian) is the one that at the beginning of the game has to choose a colour. When he or she will say it loud, the other kids have to run to touch any object that has that colour. The one that cannot touch the colour and is touched by the witch will loose the game.
  • 1, 2, 3… stella: a kid have to close his eyes counting until three near a wall, to scream at the end “Star” (stella, in Italian). In the meanwhile, when the kid has his eyes closed, the other children have to run near the wall to touch it to free themselves, but if the first kid saw someone moving, they are out of the game.
  • Campanon: if your kids like to jump, this is the perfect game for them! It’s a simple game where you have to to draw on the floor a rectangular with small squares inside: then kids have to jump with just one leg in the rectangular until they will arrive on the other side!


And now tell us what will be your favourite traditional Venetian game!