Here you are the Project!

Venice, with its hidden corners and timeless wonders, is a magical place for both adults and children. We, at Venice First, want to create new exclusive activities aimed at helping children to discover
the secrets of our incredible city, in a way where they will both have fun and learn.
The activities are concealed according to the range of the age, but all the participants will be creative thinkers, reflective learners and effective participators.

“…the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” - M. Proust

For many families, having enough activities for children to do while on holidays is a very important part of the trip, and often one of the most crucial points for the choice of the destination.
In the light of this, the project Venice4Kids is born thanks to the collaboration of a specialised staff in laboratory teaching who is able to promote the knowledge of Venice through experience.